October 3 - 4, 2019 São Paulo / Brazil

WTC – Sheraton Hotel / São Paulo – Brazil
Av. das Nações Unidas, 12551


Below the agenda for the Global Cardio Oncology Summit 2019.

thursday, oct 3th

7:30 – 8:00 am
8:00 - 8:20 am
Opening Session: Welcome and opening remarks

Dr. Roberto Kalil Filho, Brazil
Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, Brazil
Dr. Daniel Lenihan, USA
Dr. Susan Dent, USA

8:20 - 8:50 am
Plenary Lecture # 1: The evolving field of cardio-oncology: perspectives
Chairs: Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, Brazil and Roberto Kalil Filho, Brazil

Dr. Daniel Lenihan, USA (30 min)

8:55 – 9:55 am
Session 01. CARDIOTOXICITY - Part I. Left ventricular dysfunction and heart failure in cardio-oncology
Chairs: Dr. Jean-Bernard Durand, USA and Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, Brazil

a) 8:50a – 9:05a: The use of biomarkers for prediction of cardiotoxicity.
Dr. Daniela Cardinale, ITA (15 min)

b) 09:05a – 9:20a: Clinical phenotypes associated with cardiac injury during cancer therapy.
Dr. Anne Blaes, USA (15 min)

c) 09: 20a – 09:35a: Multimodality imaging to ensure early detection of cardiotoxicity.
Dr. Jennifer Liu, USA (15 min)

d) 09:35a – 09:50a: Prevention and monitoring of cardiac dysfunction in survivors of adult cancers.
Jean-Bernard Durand, USA (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

9:55 - 10:10 am
Coffee Break
10:10 - 11:10 am
Part II. Breast Cancer: Cancer Therapy Monitoring and Treatment Planning – What Should We Be Doing to Minimize Cardiotoxic Risk?
Chairs: Dr. Gustavo dos Santos Fernandes, Brazil and Dr. Susan Dent, USA

a) 10:10a – 10:20a: Case presentation.
Dr. Isabela Bispo Santos da Silva Costa, Brazil (10 min)

b) 10:20a – 10:35a: Contemporary cancer therapy and cardiac impact: Are anthracyclines still necessary?
Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley, CAN (15min)

c) 10:35a – 10: 50a: Radiotherapy: What is the cardiovascular risk?
Dr. Samir Abdallah Hanna, Brazil (15min)

d) 10:50a -11:05a: Is there an effective strategy for cardioprotection?
Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, Brazil (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

11:10 - 12:00 am
Session 02. Vascular toxicity associated with oncology treatments
Chairs: Dr. Artur Katz, Brazil and Dr. Ariane Macedo, Brazil

a) 11:10a – 11:20a: Case presentation.
Dr. Carolina Carvalho Silva, Brazil (10 min)

b) 11:20a – 11:35a: Thromboembolism and anticoagulation in cancer patients.
Dr. Chiara Melloni, USA (15 min)

c) 11:35a – 11:50a: Vascular events encountered in cardio-oncology.
Dr. Joerg Herrmann, USA (15 min)

Discussion 10 minutes

12:00 - 12:50 pm
Satellite Symposium Bayer
Challenges and recommendations in anticoagulation in Cancer patients: venous thromboembolism (VTE) and Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (AF)
Chairs: Dr. Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar, Dr. Isabela Bispo Santos da Silva Costa, Dr. Gustavo Fernandes.

12:00 – 12:20h: Treatment and Prophylaxis of Venous Thromembolism in patients with cancer Dr. Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar, Brazil

12:20 – 12:40h: Stroke prevention in Atrial fibrillation in Patients with cancer Dr. Chiara Melloni, USA
Discussion 10 minutes

12:50 - 1:20 pm
1:20 – 2:05 pm
Session 03. Cardiovascular Risk Alert in Heme Malignancies
Chairs: Dr. Vanderson Rocha, Brazil and Dr. Juliana Pereira, Brazil

a) 01:20p – 01:40p: Stem cell transplant and cardiotoxic exposures: Early and late effects.
Saro Armenian, USA

b) 01:40p - 02:00p: Multiple myeloma and amyloidosis: New treatments and cardiovascular challenges.
Dr. Daniel Lenihan, USA (20 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

2:05 – 3:05 pm
Session 04. Coronary Artery Disease in Oncology Patients
Chairs: Dr. Cristina Bittar, Brazil, Dr. Filomena Galas, Brazil and Dr. Jean-Bernard Durand, USA

a) 02:05p – 02:15p: Case presentation.
Dr. Isabela Costa, Brazil (10 min)

b) 02:15p – 02:30p: Intervention in cancer patients: Individualizing the techniques.
Dr. Carlos Campos, Brazil (15 min)

c) 02:30p – 02:45p: Does radiation exposure affect coronary revascularization?
Dr. Anju Nohria, USA (15 min)

d) 02:45p – 03:00p: Cardiotoxicity of 5-Fluoropyrimidines.
Dr. Thomas Suter, GER (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

3:05 – 3:50 pm
Session 05. Valvular disease
Chairs: Dr Joerg Herrmann, USA and Dr. Isabela Costa, Brazil

a) 03:05p - 03:15p: Case presentation.
Dr. Cristina Bittar, Brazil (10 min)

b) 03:15p – 03:30p: Aortic stenosis and transcatheter aortic valve implantation.
Dr. Fábio Sândoli, Brazil (15min)

c) 03:30p - 03:45p: Carcinoid heart disease.
Dr. Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar, Brazil (15min)

Discussion 5 minutes

3:50 - 4:00 pm
Coffee Break
4:00 - 4:35 pm
Young investigator Competition - top 3 abstracts for presentation(10 min)
Chairs: Dr. Sebastian Szmit, POL and Dr. Eric Harrison, USA

Discussion 5 minutes

4:35 - 5:25 pm
Thomas Force Lecture
Dr. Joseph Carver, USA (50 min)
5:25 - 6:30 pm

Dr. Alex Lyon, UK
Dr. Susan Dent, USA
Dr. Roohi Ismail-Khan, USA
Dr. Michael Fradley, USA

6:30 - 7:30 pm
JACC CO Journal- Meet the Editors Reception

friday, oct 4th

8:00 – 8:15 am
Recap of Day 1 - Opening Remarks and day 1 overview - Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, BRA (10min)
Presentation of young investigator awards (5 min)
Chairs: Dr. Sebastian Szmit, POL; Dr. Eric Harrison, USA
8:15 – 8:55 am
Plenary #2 - Chairs: Dr. Susan Dent, USA and Dr. Javid Moslehi, USA

The Importance of Immunotherapy in cancer treatment - Dr. Gustavo Fernandes, Brazil (10 min)
Immunotherapy and adverse cardiac events: How to recognize and manage? - Dr. Tomas Neilan, USA (30 min)

8:55 - 9:50 am
Session 6: New Scientific Advances in Cardio-Oncology
Chairs: Dr. Alexander Lyon, UK and Mr. Carlos Negrão, Brazil

a) 08:55a – 09:10a: Vascular tone and function in tumors.
Dr. Roger Chammas, Brazil (15 min)

b) 09:10a – 09:15a: Cancer cachexia: effects of aerobic training upon skeletal muscle atrophy and metabolism.
Dr. Patricia Chakur Brum, Brazil

c) 09:15a – 09:30a: Genetic susceptibility to anthracycline cardiomyopathy – genes and environment.
Dr. Paul Burridge, USA (15 min)

Discussion 10 minutes

09:50 – 10:00 am
Coffee Break
10:00 – 11:10 am
Session 7. Cardiac Imaging
Chairs: Dr. Cesar Nomura, Brazil, Dr. Bruna Leal, Brazil and Dr. André Almeida, Brazil

a) 10:00a – 10:30a: Debate: Strain for everybody?
- Yes: Dr. Juan Plana; USA
- No: Dr. Ronald Witteles, USA
(10 minutes each; 5 min rebuttals; total 30 minutes)

b) 10:30a - 10:45a: Cardiac magnetic resonance – when to use, new protocols.
Dr. Dinesh Thavendiranathan, CAN (15 min)

c) 10:45a – 11:00a: Coronary tomography in cancer patients.
Dr. Carlos Rochitte, Brazil (15 min)

Discussion 10 minutes

11:10 – 12:00 am
Session 8: Research and Training Programs
Chairs: Dr. Joseph Carver, USA and Dr. Carolina Carvalho Silva, Brazil.

a) 11:10a – 11:25a: Fellowships in cardio-oncology.
Dr. Ana Barac, USA (15 min)

b) 11:25a – 11:40a: Building a program.
Dr. Alexander Lyon, UK (15 min)

c) 11:40a – 11:55a: Facilitating international collaboration – roles and future projects.
Dr. Susan Dent, USA (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

12:00 - 12:50 pm
Satellite Symposium Ferring
Prostate cancer: Cardiovascular risk awareness and what can we do to minimize cardiotoxic risk on the patient under ADT

Dr. Ariane Macedo, Brazil (20 min)
Dr. Diogo Bastos, Brazil (20 min)

12:50 - 1:20 pm
1:20 – 1:55 pm
Session 9. Advanced Heart Failure in Cancer Patients
Chairs: Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, Brazil and Dr. Roberta Saretta, Brazil

a) 01:20p – 01:30p: Case presentation.
Dr. Stéphanie Rizk, Brazil (10 min)

b) 01:30p – 01:50p: Criteria for heart transplantation and ventricular assist devices in cancer patient.
Dr. Mônica Avila, Brazil (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

1:55 - 3:05 pm
Session 10: Cardiovascular Effects of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors for Various Solid and Liquid Tumors
Chairs: Dr. Chiara Melloni, USA and Laleh AmiriKordestani, USA

a) 01:55p – 02:10p: Overview of targeted therapy for cancer and possible cardiovascular impact.
Dr. Javid Moslehi, USA (15 min)

b) 02:10p – 02:25p: Cardiovascular toxicities of TKIs for CLL and other B-cell malignancies (BTK inhibitors).
Dr. Michael Fradley, USA (15 min)

c) 02:25p – 02:40p: Cardiovascular toxicities of TKIs for melanoma (BRAF and MEK inhibitors)?
Dr. Rodrigo Munhoz, Brazil (15 min)

Discussion10 minutes

2:50 – 3:20 pm
Coffee Break
3:20 - 3:55 pm
Session 11. Survivorship programs
Chairs: Dr. Veronica Santos, Brazil and Dr. Silvia Moulin Ribeiro Fonseca, Brazil

a) 03:20p – 03:35p: CVD prevention and treatment during survivorship.
Dr. Gregory Armstrong, USA (15 min)

b) 03:35p – 03:50p: Building a survivorship program.
Dr. Joseph Carver (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

3:55 – 4:25 pm
Session 12. Physical Activity and Cancer
Chairs: Dr. Cristina Bittar, Brazil, Patricia Oliveira, Brazil and Dr. Amanda Rodrigues, Brazil

a) 03:55p – 04:10p: Evaluation before exercise programs and exercising during treatment.
Dr. Carlos Negrão, Brazil (15 min)

b) 04:10p – 04:25p: Exercise in the follow up of oncology patients.
Dr. Laura Testa Brazil, Brazil (15 min)

Discussion 5 minutes

4:30 – 4:55 pm
Session 13. Social Media in Cardio-Oncology: Impact, Tips and Cautions
Chairs: Dr. Marcio Sommer, Brazil and Dr. Jennifer Liu, USA

Dr. Javid Moslehi, USA (20 min)
Discussion 5 minutes

4:55 – 5:30 pm
Session 14. Future of Cardio-Oncology
Chairs: Dr. Christine Bresden-Masley, CAN; Dr. Dinesh Thavendiranathan, CAN and Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, Brazil

How do we move forward?
Bonnie Ky, USA (30 min)
Discussion 10 minutes

Room 2
14:00 – 14:40 pm
BRAVADO Registry investigator’s meeting

Carlos Augusto Homem de Magalhães Campos MD, PhD,
Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar, MD PhD
Isabela Bispo Santos da Silva Costa, MD
Vinicius Bocchino Seleme, MD
Diego Carter Campanha Borges, MD
Roberto Kalil Filho, MD, PhD

Room 2
15:20 – 17:20 pm
Satellite Symposium GE
The role of strain echocardiography in the management of cancer patients: a practical approach.

- Main indications of myocardial strain by echocardiography
- Strain imaging: Optimization and pitfalls
- Case discussions and image analysis with Echo Pac

Dr. Cecília Beatriz Bittencourt Viana Cruz, Brazil
Dr. Bruna Morhy Borges Leal Assunção, Brazil

Dr. Adenalva Lima de Souza Beck, Brazil
Dr. Alex dos Santos Felix, Brazil
Dr. Diego Ribeiro Garcia, Brazil
Dr. Juliana Barbosa Sobral Alves, Brazil
Dr. Marcelo Dantas Tavares de Melo, Brazil
Dr. Maria Estefânia Bosco Otto, Brazil

5:20 – 5:35 pm

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